The Roadrunner Comfort uses a sensor clipped to your air vent to measure the incoming air temperature. It uses that measurement to vary the pump operation and control the wetness of the cooling pads. By doing this it can achieve a near-constant temperature on the incoming air, mostly within +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit. The Roadrunner Comfort is the ONLY evaporative cooler controller with Active Temperature Control™.

More about Active Temperature Control™

For those times when you just need as much cooling as possible, MAXCOOL runs your swamp cooler on its coldest setting, pump and fan running continuously. It's great for when you come home from vacation and are turning your cooling back down to its normal temperature. MAXCOOL will get your home cooled as quickly as is physically possible.

the MaxCool button is found on the OFF screen, along with AUTO, Manual and Option.

In MAXCOOL mode, the pump and fan run continuously. Once you've reached a comfortable temperature, you can turn OFF MAXCOOL and return to normal AUTOmatic operation, enjoying air at your Set Temperature.

Remember, in AUTO operation your cooler will blow air at your Set Temperature, while in MAXCOOL it will blow just as cold as it can, which can be much colder than your set temperature.

Touch control of fan on/off, fan hi/lo, and pump on/off.

Depiction of Option screen displayDepiction of Set Turn On Time screen displayIt's easy to set times for your cooler to automatically turn ON and OFF. Just tap the blue Option 'button' and then select ON or OFF time. You'll come to a screen with swipe up/down rollers to set hours, minutes, and AM/PM. To disable the ON or OFF time, just tap Clear and you'll be returned to the Options screen with the selected time (ON or OFF) disabled.

Once you've connected it to your home Wifi network, the Roadrunner Comfort controller will check every morning between 1 & 5 AM to see if there is an updated version of its software. This means that it will always stay up to date with the latest features and the best possible performance and security.

The color touchscreen works like the one on your phone, making operating your cooler familiar and easy to use. Screens are sorted by function, and colors used to help guide quicker recognition of control functions and differentiate screens.

Thoughtful use of color and simple controls makes using the Roadrunner Comfort a no-brainer. The main operating screen has big buttons for WARMER and COOLER, and an easy-to-read display of the current temperature setting. The ON- and OFF- TIME setting screens have big, easy to use rollers for changing hours, minutes, and AM/PM. The SET CLOCK screen, which you will need to visit if you have no Wifi, uses the same design, but with inertia on the minutes roller so you can give it a swipe and watch it spin on its own.

Depiction of Setup screen display, horizontal modeDepiction of Setup screen displayThe Setup screen includes a control for switching between horizontal and vertical display orientation. This makes it compatible with virtually every swamp cooler control installation.

Sensor battery life expectancy is 5+ years.

  An early low battery warning gives you plenty of time to acquire a replacement so you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling.

Made in New Mexico where evaporative cooling is ubiquitous.  Enclosures are 3D printed of compostable PLA plastic, and the electronics are hand-assembled and tested. We do extended life testing and extensive quality testing to make sure that every unit performs as our customers expect and deserve. If there is a problem with your Roadrunner Comfort, we are here for you.