Normally your Roadrunner Comfort is delivered with the controller and sensor already paired. But mistakes can happen, and things sometimes get broken, and you may need to pair the controller with a sensor. It’s easy as pie; here’s how.

How it works (feel free to skip this)

The Roadrunner Comfort temperature sensor (clipped to your cooling system vent) uses Bluetooth to broadcast the incoming air temperature. Since there are likely other Bluetooth devices broadcasting in your home, the controller uses an identifier included as part of the broadcast to identify the broadcast from a Roadrunner Comfort sensor. Then it compares an address also included in the broadcast against the address saved during the pairing process to identify the specific sensor. This system allows the controller to differentiate among multiple sensors within its range, enabling multiple systems to operate correctly within Bluetooth range of one another.

Pairing the Sensor

Step 1 (of 4)

First, check to see if your controller is already paired with a sensor, by selecting “Option” then “Setup“. On the Setup screen, you will see one of these two indications:

Step 2

If the controller shows Sensor Unpaired, skip to the next step. Otherwise, touch “Sensor” and you should see:

Touch “YES” to clear the pairing with the Sensor ID shown. Now you should see the Setup screen with Sensor UNPaired.

Step 3

Press and hold the ‘button’ on the sensor until the blue light flashes from within. If it doesn’t flash within 3-4 seconds, release and try again. If it still doesn’t flash, it may need a new battery.

Step 4

Navigate to the Auto Screen. The controller will start scanning for a sensor until it finds one, and presents this popup. Select “YES“, and the Sensor is now paired with the Controller. You’re all set!