Sorry, it isn’t supposed to work outside the home. Later versions may include access from anywhere but for security reasons we do not yet support access from outside your home Wifi network.

This is normal operation. Some amount of fan on-off cycling is unavoidable, and the amount will vary.

To avoid nighttime fan cycling, set the “OFF time” to turn the unit off at night, and the “ON time” to turn it on again in the morning.

Why it happens: When the temperature outdoors drops a few degrees below your Set Temperature with the fan ON, the controller will see the air coming in as too cold, and turn off the fan. Then the indoor air warms from residual heat plus any new heat being generated. When the temperature rises above the Set Temperature again the fan restarts. The incoming air is too cold again, and the fan soon turns off again. And so on. The Roadrunner Comfort limits how often it can turn the fan on and off, but the slower this happens, the more the temperature indoors will stray from the Set Temperature.

The Set Temperature sometimes changes from a low 60s setting to 80.

If you set the Set Temperature to 60 or below and the controller goes through a reset, it will change the Set Temperature to 80. This is a software bug. An update to the Roadrunner Comfort controller fixes this problem, and the controller should be updated with the latest version at installation time.  How to Update


The sensor is designed to clip to the fin of most air vents. It should be located as close as possible to the controller, but should work over a distance of 30 feet or more.

If this clip does NOT attach securely to your air vent, please contact for alternatives.

  • Remove the previous controller (if any), then mount the wall plate, pulling cooler wiring through the center.
  • Be sure to identify the 5 needed connections: ground, power, pump, low fan and high fan.
  • The Controller wire color code shows on a label on the back side.
  • Attach the power (ACL) wire last. The unit should power up immediately.


Remove the two screws that are partially fastened at the controller bottom.




The controller has tabs (1) at the top that hook onto the wall plate (2).



Engage these first, then swing the controller down into place.




Insert the two screws at the bottom.





ONLY NEEDED for (unusual) horizontal installations.

To rotate the screen select     then

On the Setup screen, tap ROTATION, then in the popup,  YES to complete the rotation.

To connect to Wifi select then 

On the SETUP screen select

On the network name screen, use the round Green buttons to select text type:

    • ‘A’ for caps
    • ‘a’ for lowercase
    • ‘3’ for digits
    • ‘%’ for symbols

Use the Blue up and down pointers to select the desired character. When the correct character is in place, use the Blue RIGHT pointer to move to the next one. When the network name is complete, tap the Green OK button to move on to the password, which operates the same way. The Red Clear button clears the entry, but does not affect the saved version until you select OK.

After you select OK a popup will show “You entered:” with your text and ask Netname OK?.  Select YES to move to password entry, NO to go back to the network name screen.

Password entry works just the same. 

When there is no Wifi you need to set the clock manually.

Select  then   

On the SETUP screen, select

On the Set CLOCK screen, use the blue up and down arrowheads to set the hours and minutes of the day. Tap BACK when you’re finished to save the time of day.

The controller should be updated at installation time.

First, set the controller in update mode:

Select then then then YES.

Controller will reboot to a screen that shows its address and an ABORT button.

Second, on your phone, tablet or computer:

Download the latest update:  R2-0511 (fixes ‘reset to 80’ bug)

Save it to your device as a file.

Third: Open a web browser on your device.

In its address space (where you might type “”) enter the address shown on your controller screen. It may look something like or

Select enter or done, and you should shortly be presented with a page containing this:

Enter the username “RRComfort” and password “APlausible14U”.

Soon this will appear:

Select Choose File to choose the file you just downloaded (above), then select Update. The update should start immediately. The progress indicator may not be reliable, but the update should complete in a minute or two.

While updating, the controller shows a blue screen. This process should not be interrupted.

When the update is finished the Roadrunner Comfort reboots, restoring all settings.

First, connect your controller to Wifi. See directions above.

On your controller, select then

The setup screen shows the controller address on your home network. In the screen image shown here, the address is Write down your address.

On your iPhone, go to the App Store and search for “RoadrunnerComfort”. [note, no spaces] Download and install it on your phone (it’s free).

Open the Roadrunner Comfort app.

It will show “Set Address” with the Name space showing “Cooler” and the Address space showing “”.

In the Address field, enter the address you wrote down from the controller Setup screen. Keep the Name or change it as you wish.

When you’re done, tap Save.

Your iPhone screen should soon reflect the state of your controller.

On your controller, select then

In the bottom left corner of the screen, in Yellow, the version code appears, beginning with “R2-“.

Following that, also in Yellow, “S/N Pxxx” is the serial number, with xxx from 001 to 100.



Resetting the controller is the first thing to try if there’s a problem. It will NOT erase any of your settings.

The reset button is located on the side of the controller, and appears as shown here.

Just give it a press until you see the screen blank and the controller restart.



You can program the controller to turn on in the morning and off in the evening, or at any other times. Here’s how:


Then tap       Or 

Then use blue triangles to adjust time up or down. Your new time will not take effect until you tap Back.

Select    to go to the OPTION screen.

Select   to switch between HIGH and LOW speed.



General Questions

When the Controller is reading the temperature and humidity from the sensor, or trying to login to Wifi, it is unable to service the touchscreen, so it displays a message letting you know that it’s busy. It should finish its task shortly, please be patient.

Normally it reads the temperature once a minute.

While reading the temperature, it displays the message “Reading Temperature Please wait“. When this is showing, it can’t respond to your touch.

When the Set Temperature is changed, it will recheck the temperature within about 5 seconds.

When the controller is OFF, it does not check the temperature.

The display turns OFF when there is no touch for several minutes in order to conserve power. Any touch will turn the display back ON, except when the controller is reading the temperature sensor. When this happens, the display turns on but the “reading Temperature Please wait” message is dimmed. Once that message disappears, the screen can again be turned on with a touch.

The sensor battery should last at least 5 years.

The controller will display a flashing alert when the battery gets low, and an audible beep once a minute when it is about to die.

The Roadrunner Comfort controller is unconditionally guaranteed for a year from the date of installation. In 2022 all installations will be performed by TLC Plumbing and any problem units will be replaced free of charge.

Absolutely. Components are sourced worldwide, but enclosures are 3D printed in Los Ranchos and electronics are assembled in Los Ranchos, except for the sensor circuit which is purchased from a Shenzhen manufacturer of Bluetooth sensor modules.