What is Active Temperature Control?

Active Temperature Control (ATC) means that the Roadrunner Comfort controller actively monitors and controls the temperature of the air that the cooler is blowing into your home. Unlike virtually all swamp coolers, which chill the air as much as possible when they’re running, ATC chills the air just the right amount to blow it in at your set temperature.

And it can do this with almost every existing cooler.

No other swamp cooler controller can do this. Most coolers just turn on and off a source of cold air, rather than actually controlling the temperature of that air.

With the Roadrunner Comfort, when you select a Set Temperature of 70 degrees with ATC, the air that blows into your home will be between 69 and 71 degrees more than 95% of the time. What about that other 5%? That’s when fluctuations in outdoor weather cause rapid changes in air temperature and humidity. When that happens, it can take a few minutes for the incoming air temperature to return to your set temperature.

How does it work?

The Roadrunner Comfort controller (let’s call it the RRC, shall we?) works by sampling the temperature of the incoming air, then adjusting the wetness of the cooling pads to maintain the temperature at your Set Temperature. How does it control the wetness? So glad you asked! It turns the pump on for short periods of time, varying the duration of that turn-on time according to how much wetness (which becomes temperature reduction of the outdoor air) is needed in order to attain the desired air temperature. It figures out how much time to run the pump once a minute according to an algorithm developed at Nangeroni Design over a five-year period. That algorithm was informed by over 20 years experience designing audio, telecom, and computer electronics.

Will it work with my cooler?

Absolutely! Any cooler that uses a water pump and fan will work with the RRC, even if the fan is only single speed. The algorithm developed by Nangeroni Design automatically adapts itself to the characteristics of your cooler. No matter how old or new, RRC will work with your cooler.

Will it hurt my pump?

After over 30 years worth of accelerated life testing, our pump (bought from Home Depot) showed absolutely NO sign of any wear or damage caused by the more frequent on/off switching. Over 18 years worth of field testing in Albuquerque homes has resulted in zero problems with any swamp cooler equipment, despite the varying age, capacity, model and condition of the units involved.

What are the benefits of ATC?

With Active Temperature Control, your home air temperature is more uniform, reducing hot and cold spots throughout. No more cold drafts, no more cycling between too hot and too cold. Just continuous comfortTM. Save the hassle, expense and environmental cost of replacing your cooler while increasing your comfort, simplifying control and helping save our planet.

Besides, the color touchscreen and intuitive controls make it a pleasure to use, and installation is only slightly more complicated than changing a wall light switch.