Leave the Roadrunner Comfort (RRC) ON and it will ramp up as the morning warms and wind down as the evening cools.

The fan will sometimes turn ON or OFF for just a minute or two in the morning or evening (and at night if it’s been hot).  This is normal. When the outdoor temperature is warmer than indoors, the fan will run nearly continuously.

Sometimes the RRC needs a reset to keep working properly. The RESET button is on the side of the wall unit. It’s always OK to reset RRC, it remembers ALL settings and restarts promptly.

The sensor clipped to the vent uses a battery that will last many years. When it needs changing (but with time left to get a replacement), a message will appear on the controller display. When the battery is on the verge of failing, the message will be flashing and the controller will beep once a minute. “CR2477 ” is the battery type.


AUTO Screen (Active Temperature ControlTM)

Wifi/Password Credentials Entry

Simple keyboard for easy entry.

Set ON/Off times, Clock

Familiar scrolling controls.

Clear disables Turn ON or Turn OFF time