July 26, 2023

Thank you again for your interest in the Roadrunner Comfort cooler controller. 

The initial pilot production study by TLC Plumbing and Heating (voted Best Plumbing Company by Albuquerque Journal) identified some issues requiring a software revision. That revision is now complete and thorough unit testing is underway. To assure the utmost reliability, we will spend the remainder of this year in testing and evaluation. I anticipate that we will emerge with a rock-solid controller that will provide satisfaction to users for a great many years if not decades.

Unfortunately, this means that currently, we cannot provide you with a controller. 

The good news is that this delay has given us the opportunity to further refine the controller’s features and operation, and I am prouder than ever of this innovative design. I can’t wait to make it available to you.

I appreciate your patience with our New Mexico-designed product. We remain committed to providing the highest possible quality in our products and services, and our partnership with TLC is working to assure just that.

Wishing you a cool summer, warm winter, and many kindnesses,