Install & Setup

  • For safety, it’s best to turn off power to your swamp cooler at your home’s breaker panel.
  • Remove the previous controller (if any) by removing mounting screws. Be sure to identify the 5 needed connections: ground (ACN), power (ACL), pump, low fan and high fan.
  • Mount the new single- or double-wide wall plate, making sure that the round holes in the tab are towards the bottom (see drawings). Be sure to feed all wires (NOT those from the new controller) through the central opening in the wall plate, as shown in the photo.
  • Use the wire nuts provided to attach controller wires to the wall wiring. The back side of the Controller has a label showing the wire color code. The orange wire nut is for the ground wire (ACN), which may have more than one wire connection.
  • Attach the power (ACL) wire last. When power is restored from your breaker box, the unit should power up immediately.

Remove the two screws that are partially fastened at the controller bottom.

The controller has tabs (1) at the top that hook onto the wall plate (2).

Engage these first, then swing the controller down into place.

Insert the two screws at the bottom.

When the controller first powers up, it displays this message:

If you do NOT have a home wifi network connected to the internet, select “NO”, and you will be taken to a “Set Clock” screen to set the time of day. This is necessary for proper operation. NOTE: if there is a power failure or you reset the controller, you will again need to set the clock.

If you DO have a wifi internet connection, select “YES”.

Enter your network name, then tap

Password entry works just the same, except only the most recent character entered shows on the screen, for your protection. 

ONLY NEEDED for (unusual) horizontal installations.

Select    or      then

On the Setup screen, select 

In the popup,  select YES to complete the rotation.



The sensor is designed to clip to a fin on most air vents. It should be located as close as possible to the controller, but should work over a distance of 30 feet or more.

If this clip does NOT attach securely to your air vent, please contact for alternatives.

When your controller starts up, it will display this message:

Choose YES if you have a Wifi network, and enter your wifi name and password on the subsequent screens. [TIP: use the included stylus to enter text and numbers, it’s easier] When you’re finished, you will be taken to the OFF screen.

This shows what the OFF screen looks like
OFF screen

If you have NO wifi, select NO. The Set Clock screen will appear, and you must set the clock to the correct time of day in order for the Roadrunner Comfort to operate properly. With no wifi, you will have to set the clock again after every power failure.


From the OFF screen, select Auto to start cooling, then use Warmer and Cooler to adjust your set temperature. Select Option to set scheduled turn-on and turn-off times.

AUTO Screen