Holiday Greetings!

I hope this season finds you and yours warm and well.

This past summer we found a few bugs with the controller, which I’ve since eradicated. I’ve got 12+ controllers running around the clock with diagnostic code, error-free. I’m close to having self-updating working, which will be a big step forward. Once that’s in place, we can turn on manufacturing, confident that if any further bugs surface, we can propagate fixes to every controller out there.

On the agenda for 2024 is the identification of a sales/distribution partner. TLC has been an awesome partner in the pilot phase, but they are not a distributor. We like to work locally when feasible, minimizing our industrial footprint, so a distributor located here in New Mexico would be ideal, butt we’re open to working with anyone in the southwest.

We’re considering a manufacturer in Denver, unless another pops up closer to home.

We welcome any interest in the Roadrunner Comfort or the work we’re doing. Contact us here.